You want to map your curricula in all its aspects including ensuring of feasibility? Your programs need to be accredited? You are looking for an effective tool for the (further) development of competency-based curricula?

Join our international network! We put our expertise and our resources at your disposal, welcome new partners and offer the possibility to use our evaluated platforms for the (further) development of your degree programs. Of course, we adjust your LOOOP web-portal according to the special needs of your faculty - for regular or model degree programs of medicine and dentistry, for undergraduate or Masters courses, for postgraduate training, ...

If needed, we are happy to train your faculty curriculum development, in curriuclum mapping as well as in teaching and assessment of competency-based curricula.

LOOOP allows you

  • curriculum development and curriculum mapping - transparent for students, faculty and accreditation agencies.
  • visualization of the "alignment" of teaching, learning and assessment, including the creation of blueprints.
  • automatic creation of accreditation documents, study guides, etc. in PDF format.
  • easy integration of the entire teaching staff into all processes of curriculum development, curriculum mapping, curriculum implementation, teaching, and assessment.
  • web-based and highly effective planning processes through a comprehensive versioning and rights system.
  • mapping against any international or national catalogs such as CanMeds, MeSH, or ICF including different visualizations and exports.

To give you an overview of the operating principles, we offer a simplified demo version including preset views on a fancy curriculum. Please click on LOOOP DEMO at the top of the page. Since it is an international demo version, internationally established frameworks such as MeSH and CanMEDS are used. The different possibilities of graphical visualization are not shown in the demo, as we adapt these to your individual needs.

Selected references:

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Balzer F, Bietenbeck A, Spies C, Dittmar M, Lehmann L, Sugiharto F, Ahlers O. How we avoid patient shortage with an integrated analysis of learning objectives and clinical data during development of undergraduate medical curricula. Medical Teacher 2015,Öffnet externen Link im aktuellen Fenster37(6):533-537

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