Curriculum Mapping - background information and experiences


"Curriculum mapping" is recommended by AMEE since 2001 for all medical curricula. The purpose of this mapping is to avoid gaps, inconsistencies and redundancies throughout the curriculum already during curriculum development. In addtion, alignment of teaching, learning and assessment and viualization of covering of national or international catalogues/ regulations are an important part of curriculum mapping.

In addition, organisational aspects play another important role during curriculum mapping, to ensure the feasibility of a planned curriculum. These aspects are often neglected during curriculum development and are therefore an important part of the LOOOP project, as LOOOP considers the weekly workload of students and teachers as well as patient availability and available ressources.

Taken together, curriculum mapping as it is used in our LOOOP project visualizes all aspects of content and organisation effectively - especially for all accreditation purposes.


Practical use as a precondition:

The related LOOOP web-portals are not only used for concrete curriculum development/ curriculum mapping but also in daily routine for communication of course content with the associated outcomes, competencies and learning objectives to students. To facilitate student and teacher preparation, recommended materials such as e-learning modules, books, e-books, library catalogues, and articles are directly linked in each part of the online platform as well as in all created PDFs like study guides.

All schedules are offered in various formats (e.g. i-cal and automatic e-mails druing the week before) with integrated links e.g. to online course contents and study guides to enable a low low-threshold access to all relevant information. 

One recent survey revealed, that this low-threshold access to daily routine data is the precondition for a frequent and recurrent usage as well as for a good acceptance of LOOOP by planners, teachers and students.


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ASPIRE Award 2015


Dr. med. Olaf Ahlers
Head of LOOOP project