The LOOOP Project

Aim of our international network is the development, implementation and evaluation of concepts for development and mapping of competency based curricula. We are strictly working on the basis of current results of research in medical education.

Our "Learning Opportunities, Objectives and Outcomes Platform" (LOOOP) is currently used for  design, development, mapping, organization, implementation and accreditation of 51 degree programs at different international medical schools. The primary objective is the establishment of high quality and at the same time resource-saving curricula for students and residency training.



LOOOP develoment has been started by the Charité Department of Anesthesiology and Operative Intensive Care Medicine in 2004. The platform was firstly used as a pilot project across disciplines in the fouth year of human medicine to evalute usefulness and benefit. Positive effects on exam results as well as on quality of aligment and teaching could be detected during a prospective study in 2007 and 2008.

Afterwards,  LOOOP was further developed within the department and from 2010 it was used for all Charité undergraduate degree programs. Currently the platform is developed in cooperation with our external partners, listed on the right side of the page.



We have just started to implement LOOOP into internship, residency and additional non-medical degree programs - both undergraduate and postgraduate.

Aim of the next years is to create a multi-dimensional, international, interprofessional and interdisciplinary network, which enables

a) horizontal mapping between different
    - degree programs,
    - professions,
    - faculties,
    - countries


b) vertical mapping between the different parts of undergraduate and postgraduate education.


If you are interested in joining our network, please klick on CO-OPERATION for further information.