Welcome to LOOOP

Aim of our international, noncommercial network is the design, implementation and evaluation of concepts for development and mapping of competency based curricula. Special emphasis  is placed on clerkships and simulation. We are strictly working on the basis of current results of research in medical education.

The related web portal "Learning Opportunities, Objectives and Outcomes Platform" (LOOOP) has been developed since 2004. It is currently used for development, mapping, planning, evaluation and accreditation of 51 mostly competency-based degree programs of different educational systems in Europe, Africa, and Asia. At the moment we are implementing LOOOP in internship and residency training in order to enable aligned development of competency-based curricula from the beginning of undergraduate programs till the end of residency. Mapping is currently established for several CanMEDS based national calalogues as well as for the recently published Swiss PROFILES* and the AAMC-Competencies** for clerkship based US curricula.

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At the top of this page you will find detailed information about our project, our offers for cooperation and training courses as well as our research activities.

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ASPIRE Award 2015


Dr. med. Olaf Ahlers
Head of LOOOP project